Felt nail-on glides

  • What is felt nail-on glides?
    Felt nail-on glides are commonly used as furniture protectors to lengthen life of furniture.
    They are made of polyethylene body and synthetic felt which is adhered to the polyethylene body.
    Every nail on foot with a felt base comes with a steel nail insert for easy mounted on to bottom of wooden furniture by gentle hammering and stabilization during use.
  • Multifunction Usage
    Felt nail-on glides suitable for carpeted floors, vinyl floors and laminate floors. Felt tipped glides are also ideal for wooden stools, chairs, and tables to prevent floors from scratching, reduces friction and noise while moving furniture, and more, create a more comfortable and cushioned feel for wood furniture.
  • Advantages
    The advantages of felt nail-on glides are last longer than stick-on pads and easier replacement. For long term protection, these nails in chair leg protectors won't slip or slide off like an adhesive felt pad.