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From design to delivery, we provide custom plastic components that seamlessly integrate into your industrial processes.

Zatas Corporation provides top-quality industrial plastic components for various industries, such as automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing.


With over 16 years of experience in plastic parts manufacturing, we are committed to delivering a reliable supply of industrial plastic components, such as fastening segments, plastic glides, square tube inserts, and door stoppers, that can be tailored to your business's specific needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are industrial plastic parts important?

Industrial plastic components have become an integral part of numerous industries due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and lightweight nature. The unique properties of plastic allow for a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and designs, making it possible to create intricate and complex components to meet specific requirements.

Which industries commonly use your industrial plastic parts?
  1. Automotive Industry
    Our industrial plastic parts are used extensively in automotive manufacturing for components such as spare tyre knobs, parts for e-cars. These plastic parts reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency, and improve aesthetics.
  2. Consumer Goods Industry
    Everyday consumer products such as toys, kitchenware, packaging materials, and home appliances utilise our plastic parts. The special qualities of our plastic components provide versatility, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal for these products.
  3. Industrial Manufacturing
    Our industrial plastic parts are used in manufacturing equipment and machinery for various industries. Some of their benefits include corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and dimensional stability.
What types of plastic materials do you use for manufacturing the parts?

We work with a wide range of plastic materials, including ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PVC, nylon, and more. The material selection depends on the specific requirements of your application. For specific material inquiries, please contact our sales team with your requirements – they will gladly assist you.

Can you provide samples of your plastic parts?

Yes, we can provide samples of our plastic parts to help with the evaluation process. Please reach out to our sales team and we will assist you with your sample request.

What is your production capacity?

As a leading plastic parts manufacturer, our production capacity varies depending on the complexity and volume of the order. We can handle small to large-scale production runs. For specific order inquiries, please contact our sales team with your requirements – they will gladly assist you.

Do you offer design assistance for custom plastic parts?

Yes, we do. As a custom plastic parts supplier and manufacturer, we have a team of experienced engineers who can assist you with the design of custom plastic parts. Our engineers can guide material selection, design optimisation, and manufacturability to suit your business needs. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

Can you handle international shipments?

Yes, we have experience in handling international shipments. We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure our industrial plastic parts achieve safe and timely delivery worldwide.

Do you offer bulk pricing or discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we provide bulk pricing and discounts for larger orders. Please contact our sales team or refer to our website for more information on volume discounts and other special offers when you purchase in bulk.

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We ensure our industrial plastic components meet stringent standards and our manufacturing processes adhere to industry best practices, resulting in durable and reliable parts.



We offer customisable options to tailor plastic parts according to your specific business needs, such as material selection, colour options, and precise dimensions.



With over 16 years of experience as a plastic parts manufacturer and supplier, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise regarding all types of plastic components.



Our streamlined production processes and efficient logistics enable us to meet your deadlines promptly and efficiently.



We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the high quality of our industrial plastic parts, providing cost-effective solutions for your industry's needs.

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Premium Quality Industrial Plastic Components

Our industrial plastic parts are precision-engineered to meet stringent quality standards and are made from durable and versatile plastic materials to offer reliable performance and exceptional durability.

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