Adjustable glides

  • Functions are Protection :
    Glides are those often-invisible parts at the bottom of the furniture legs that provide protection for the furniture legs and, most likely and importantly, the floor below them. Glides are usually fixed into furniture legs with nail, screw, or glue, which tend to be inserts or caps.
    When select the right nail on glides, it is important to determine the kind of surface your furniture will be kept.
  • Leveling :
    Adjustable glides offer a simple effective solution for unbalanced furniture, machines, and equipment. When attached, they will prevent the respective object from tipping. Furniture, machines and equipment, of course, are typically designed to be balanced when standing upright. There are instances, however, in which they may tip over. Vibrations can cause them to tip over. Damage can also cause them to tip over. Prevent them from happening, adjustable glides are meant to be used.
  • Easy to move :
    Adjustable glides for hardwood floors need to slide easily without leaving any marks. Nylon furniture glides are made of plastic and slide very easily without marking up hard surfaces.
    There are also some other types of plastic and materials, such as felt and teflon. When attached, the respective objects are easy to be moved.